BOB: A LIFE IN FIVE ACTS will be the summer production at Masquers Theater. This optimistic comedy tells the story of the highly unusual life of our hero, Bob, a role that is colorfully played by Jeff Ames. His lifelong quest is to become a “Great Man”.

We watch Bob’s journey through life, from birth to old age. He crosses America as his education. We get to meet the people who teach him life lessons about generosity, heartbreak, wrong turns, and the pursuit of happiness. Playing the myriad of people who enter Bob’s life along the way will be a chorus of four ‘character actors’: Justin Rowland, Jessica Hogge, Lenora Nichols, and newcomer to Masquers Theater, Steve Nuehring.

Veteran Director Cheri Barbre is excited to be bringing this play, written by Peter Sinn Nachrieb, to life on the Masquers stage and working with this great cast. She is aided by Pat Schaeffer and Steven Yakish. “This comedy touches on what being successful in life really means,” says Cheri. “You will become engrossed in Bob’s life journey and keep asking yourself ‘what’s going to happen next to this poor guy, and who’s the next strange person he’s going to meet?’ This promises to be a fun, fast paced riot of a show!”

(509) 246-2611

322 Main Ave E, Soap Lake, WA 98851


Please arrive 1/2 hour before curtain